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Spray-Applied Pipe Lining (SAPL)

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As water demand is increasing due to population growth, the underground water and wastewater infrastructure is an essential element of the urban infrastructure system, urgently needing attention. Even though technology and science are working toward recycling water and minimizing water usage to fulfill this growing population demand, there is a need to invest in new underground infrastructure and maintain the existing infrastructure with limited funds and sources.

According to the research and forecasts, an investment of billion of dollars is needed for new solutions in the critical water and wastewater infrastructure for the coming years. Thus, the crucial priority is to develop an advanced method or technology in water infrastructure, especially in the renewal and rehabilitation process, to improve and restore the existing underground infrastructure.

By the course of its nature, all water and wastewater infrastructures deteriorate over time—It is inevitable. As deterioration is a complex process combining aging, chemical degradation, and environmental factors, the renewal and rehabilitation processes require a multidisciplinary approach to solve all problems and offer a durable solution.

Aegis® Lining Systems
Aegis® Lining Systems were developed from experience acquired during the involvement with the construction, protection, and maintenance of structures and distribution systems in stormwater, potable water, and wastewater, collection and treatment plants and dams, manholes, wet wells, basins and other structures, including ancillary equipment. Where appropriate, they are based on, or reference is made to international, regional, national, and industry standards.


  • On any substrate (concrete, masonry, or metals), almost any level of deterioration
  • On pipes in any shape, size (diameter), length
  • Fast cure time—Almost immediate return-to-service time
  • No need for auxiliary curing process: No heating / No UV lighting
  • No need for excavation or earthworth
  • Public friendly:
  • No need to stop the traffic
  • No dust
  • No noise
  • Directly to substrate—Not grouted to minimize diameter (and reduce flow capacity)
  • No need for an entry /exit shaft: Installation from manhole-to-manhole
  • Ideal for full-structural, semi-structural rehabilitation and renewal
  • Ideal for anti-corrosion protection
  • Long service life

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