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Corporate Sustainability is imperative for business today—essential to long-term corporate success and for ensuring that markets deliver value across society. At CRAS Solutions, we are aware of the fact that to be sustainable, we have to operate responsibly in alignment with universal principles, take actions that support our society, and push sustainability deep into our corporate culture.

At the same time, we have to move beyond our basic responsibilities and go further into a strategic opportunity space which includes business models, products, and services with a joint societal and economic return; publicly advocating for government policies that advance sustainability priorities; and, importantly, collaborating with peers to make systemic changes.

The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative with 12,000+ companies based in over 160 countries, both developed and developing, representing nearly every sector and size.

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CRAS Solutions is more than a traditional distributor. Not only do we offer best-in-class products in the chemical industry, but we also work hand-in-hand with our suppliers and customers to streamline their manufacturing processes and maximize profitability.

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We partner with world-class suppliers to provide our customers with the highest-quality products required to support their growth-focused activities through our strategic network and drive their manufacturing to the next level. While improving the quality of our daily activities and meeting the high demand of our customers, we strive to combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.

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