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CRAS Solutions is a privately held chemicals distribution, marketing and consulting enterprise headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey.

We partner with world-class chemical suppliers to provide our customers the high-quality products required to support their growth-focused activities through our strategic network and drive their manufacturing to the next level. Therefore, we work hand-in-hand with both our reputable suppliers and our customers to streamline their supply chains and maximize profitability.

Lasting business success requires strategic partnerships. At CRAS Solutions, we go beyond traditional distribution. We connect suppliers and manufacturers in a value-added partnerships to offer sustainable solutions that help them achieve their business objectives—not just their distribution needs. Therefore, we go further and deeper into our customers businesses, to include services such as business planning, formulation advice & ideas, sourcing, repacking, logistics, market analysis, trends data and consultancy services, among others.

Always being committed to help our customers focus on their core business by creating unique, cutting-edge and sustainable solutions, we manage complex supply chains by simplifying market access to the advanced range of customized products and consultancy services which enable us to develop strong, long-term relationships with our suppliers and to provide a single-source solution for our customers.

What we stand for: Our Mission

In today’s challenging world, customers need more than a traditional distributor—to be able to think out of the box. Our reason for being in the chemical industry value chain is to provide best-in-class sustainable solutions for the future. 

As we pursue that mission, we’re guided by our culture and a set of core values that ensure we never forget what we stand for.

At CRAS Solutions, we are completely aware of our responsibilities in the field of sustainability. That’s why sustainability plays the leading role in our core business strategy. In order to achieve the desired strong sustainability, while improving the quality of our daily activities and meeting the high demand of our customers, we strive to combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.


Chairman & CEO, CRAS Solutions

We have a dream …

To be able to dream has always been the most important part of a story. The new realities of tomorrow hidden in the dreams of today. At CRAS Solutions, we never afraid of dreaming.

In this sense, we are proud to claim that CRAS Solutions has a dream—one day we will be one of the top ten independent companies having the highest EBITDA margin in the Turkish chemical distribution market.

We are aware that our dream needs very hard work and that there are lots of things we have to do. Indeed, we believe the power of collaboration. If we succeed to be a family with altogether our team, our suppliers and our customers, there is nothing impossible.

As CRAS Solutions, we believe!

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CRAS Solutions is more than a traditional distributor. Not only do we offer best-in-class products in the chemical industry, but we also work hand-in-hand with our suppliers and customers to streamline their manufacturing processes and maximize profitability.

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CRAS Solutions is an independent, privately held chemicals distribution, marketing, and consulting enterprise registered  in the Republic of Turkey with the Trade No. 64755-5 and the Mersis ID 0215027346400015