New Generation Materials

In the last half-century, scientists, especially in the fields of materials science and chemistry, have devoted significant efforts to formulating and perfecting high-performance next-generation industrial coatings. These scientific developments not only offer high performance and durability but also stand out with superior protection, enhanced technical characteristics, accelerated reaction times, and environmentally friendly qualities.

NM® Silicon Nanopowders

2-C | 100% solid | Hybrid PUA | 0% VOC

Nukote® PP300 is a high-performance elastomeric coating designed to rehabilitate deteriorated infrastructures, offering high tensile strength, chemical resistance, thermal stability, abrasion resistance, and UV resistance.

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NM® Carbon-Coated Silicon Nanopowders

2-C | 100% solid | Aromatic PUA | 0% VOC

Nukote® ST-M is a multi-purpose elastomeric coating formulated for anticorrosion & waterproofing on steel, concrete, and various substrates. It enables fast gelling to minimize outgassing, pinholes, sagging, and moisture-related issues.

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NM® Silicon Carbide Nanopowders

2-C | 100% solid | Aromatic PUA | 0% VOC

Nukote® ST-PW is an ANSI/NSF 61 compliant elastomeric barrier material that conforms to global migration standards, including US–FDA 21 CFR 175–300. It is approved for use on substrates in contact with potable water and food products.

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