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In the last half-century, scientists, especially in the fields of materials science and chemistry, have devoted significant efforts to formulating and perfecting high-performance next-generation industrial coatings. These scientific developments not only offer high performance and durability but also stand out with superior protection, enhanced technical characteristics, accelerated reaction times, and environmentally friendly qualities.

These advancements in industrial coating technology have concurrently led to the emergence of revolutionary robotic application techniques. State-of-the-art robotic methods, by radically altering the application of coatings, not only guarantee maximum performance and optimum cost but also elevate the quality standards in the coating industry day by day, paving the way for ambitious visions for the future.

Copper Cathode (Grade A)

Copper’s exceptional conductivity of electricity and heat has positioned it as a cornerstone resource in advancing both contemporary electronics & communities alike. Its pivotal role extends to the burgeoning realm of electrification, where the expansion of wind and solar power, alongside the transition to fossil-free vehicle fleets, relies heavily on substantial copper supplies.

At CRAS Solutions, we offer copper cathodes meet the London Metal Exchange (LME) quality requirements for Grade A copper cathode with 99,995% Cu purity or higher. With a level of total impurities of less than 0,005% it is one of the purest copper according to EN 1978-Cu-CATH-1 standard. 

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