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Special coatings signify superior performance, innovative design, and unparalleled quality. They reflect a commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering something extraordinary. 

Discover the latest in advanced coating technologies, meticulously designed to protect, enhance, and extend the life of your assets. Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, or any other industry, our cutting-edge special coatings solutions offer unmatched performance and durability, giving you the confidence and reassurance you need.

Transform your surfaces with the best unique coating systems and make a difference today.

Nukote HLT®

1-C | Lithium-Silica-Colloidal | 0% VOC

Nukote HLT® series delivers a permanent, passive, colloidal gel barrier within the substrate, significantly reducing moisture transmission and surface loss due to abrasion, surface dusting, and water permeation. They can be used as stand-alone treatments on concrete and masonry substrates, providing the benefits of reduced concrete moisture entrainment, improved concrete hardness, and eliminated negative pressure.

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Premera ChemShield®

1-C | Micro-Ceramic-Reinforced | 0% VOC

Nukote Chemshield® serie is a plural component system composed of ceramics in a polymeric binder. It performs excellently in corrosive, chemical, and abrasive environments (resistant to all petroleum distillates, most solvents, acids & alkalis, and wastewater) at ambient or elevated temperatures. It is also suitable for cryogenic applications and applications requiring the handling of thermal cycling.

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EonCoat® Corrosion Protection

2-C | 2-Layer System | 0% VOC

EonCoat® Corrosion Protection series is the only patented, spray-applied, and chemically bonded coating to carbon steel that permanently prevents corrosion and offers a 30-year warranty. This coating is used for atmospheric applications in ambient temperatures and is usually paired with a topcoat for aesthetics.

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Ballistic Protection

Water loss is a critical issue affecting water utilities worldwide. This phenomenon threatens the sustainability of water resources and poses significant economic and environmental challenges. Our integrated coating solutions can mitigate water loss and promote sustainable water management practices for present and future generations.

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Blast Mitigation

Infrastructure is vital in shaping cities’ health, driving economic growth, and ensuring public wealth. At CRAS Solutions, we offer a unique rehabilitation solution for extending the lifespan and enhancing the performance of critical infrastructure. 

Rehabilitation begins with thorough surface preparation, including cleaning, decontamination, and repairing damaged areas. Once the surface is adequately prepared, specialized elastomer coatings are applied via high-technology robotics, ensuring uniform coverage with the highest accuracy & lowest chemical consumption.

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